NVIDIA Quadro for the Federal Government



NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs give Federal workers ranging from the military to agency and bureau analysts and decision makers the compute and graphics performance required to convert vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence or information – all while reducing costs and time necessary to complete the mission or task. A large ecosystem of government, aerospace, defense, and intelligence firms and contractors also take advantage of GPU acceleration for better, more informed decision making.

Whether it’s for Deep Learning (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), Scientific Visualization, Signal Processing, CAD or complex CAE simulations, or mission simulators, NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics products feature the long product lifecycles and availability required by government and defense programs, along with 24/7/365 build quality and unmatched technical support for mission critical deployments.





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Four Reasons Why NVIDIA Quadro is the Right Choice for Federal Government Deployment

Special Government Pricing

Special pricing is available to all qualified government customers on select NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics solutions. Contact your PNY Account Manager or for more details.

Designed for Mission Critical Projects

Quadro offers a full range of professional GPU solutions for Workstations, Mobile, Embedded and Multi-GPU. All Quadro GPUS are designed, built and tested by NVIDIA to standards required by defense or scientific and technical computing environments where data integrity and reliability are essential.

ISV Certification for Optimized Performance

Quadro is the only NVIDIA GPU certified and optimized on over 100+ industry-leading applications and can be found supporting all levels of government and defense.

Unmatched Scalable Visualization

For applications such as flight or battlespace simulation, to human factors evaluation and advanced command and control facilities, Quadro offers a full suite of solutions including hardware synchronization, scalable visualization clusters, along with immersive VR and advanced AR.

New NVIDIA Turing™ Architecture Quadro RTX

NVIDIA Quadro RTX, based on NVIDIA’s groundbreaking Turing architecture, will be a significant asset to anyone who is working with radar (modeling or validating designs and enhancing sensitivity and/or accuracy), stealth technology (minimization of a radar cross section, the opposite of what radar designers are trying to achieve), and some types of simulators, particularly those involving a variety of atmospheric (or oceanic) optical parameters.

PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstations

From initial concept to product release, the high performance Quadro powered PREVAILPRO mobile workstations are an ideal solution for Design and Manufacturing professionals. The PREVAILPRO P4000 allows designers and engineers to take advantage of immersive virtual reality to provide the context and scale needed to fully understand and optimize designs, and to enable collaborative design reviews.

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PNY PREVAILPRO Mobile Workstation

GPU Rendering

Rendering, backed by the power of GPUs, is undergoing a transformation. Enhance your creative process with fluid 3D visualizations enabling immediate decision making with ease.

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Artificial Intelligence

Select Quadro products such as the GP100 and the new Volta architecture GV100 bring AI to workstations. Deep Learning is fueling all areas of business and relies on GPU acceleration, both for training and inference.

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Quadro for VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing professional workflows with technology that makes it possible to work at scale. Hold virtual models in your hands, walk through entire virtual building, or rehearse complex surgical procedures – these are examples of how VR is transforming the workplace.

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NVIDIA embedded GPU solutions are designed for incredible performance and power efficiency while meeting the highest quality and reliability standards.

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